Enthusiast Gaming Investment Highlights


  • 2.5 Bn gamers in the world. $150Bn gaming industry that is bigger than Hollywood and the music industry (dollars spent)
  • Global Esports audience of over 450M and growing at a rate of over 15% per year


  • Platform of 100 gaming content websites, 900 gaming YouTube channels and 160+ M visitors every month.
  • 7 professional esports teams under ownership and management including the #1 ranked Overwatch Team, the Vancouver Titans and Seattle-based Call of Duty team. 50+ gaming influencers and content creators with a social reach over 60 million
  • Generating over 30bn ad requests per month through Enthusiast Gaming Media and our partner publishers
  • Owns largest video gaming expo in Canada. 30,000 Esports competitors and attendees in 2019, and 30 gaming and mobile games events globally every year


  • 2019 revenues of 26.3 million (proforma), with gross margins of 35%
  • Diverse platform reaches over 200 million gamers with approx. 1 billion page views monthly

Scale & Profitability

  • Aggressive acquisition strategy with robust pipeline of targets. M&A activities scale and grow the business quickly
  • Growth Drivers through acquisitions, direct sales, subscription models and strategic partnerships

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